My talk at the Fourth International Jellyfish Blooms Symposium in Hiroshima

I want to thank Shin-ichi Uye and the organization for their kind invitation to explain my work at the Jellyfish Symposium in Hiroshima. Many thanks also to a very supportive and interested audience. This was my first opportunity to explain the theory that Angel López-Urrutia, Sean Colin and myself put forward to explain some intriguing aspects of the ecology of jellyfishes. As such, many people at the symposium expressed their interest on having a copy of the presentation, which is available at this link. A somewhat different version with text meant not only as a presentation but also as a handout is available at this other link. It was a nice surprise to learn that some people at the symposium had had a close relationship with Daniel Ware, a brilliant scientist who produced a highly influential article on which our work is based.  



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